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What is a Pilgrimage?
It is no longer time to sleep, but to watch in order that humanity might be saved. But how?

If you have a fire between your shoulders, ready to devour you, would you not seek every means of putting it out?

When you are ill, do you not seek every possible remedy, going from here to there to find the most expert doctors?

On the other hand, when unfeeling and asleep in unrepented sins, do you not think of the tragedy awaiting you on the part of God's justice?

Blind and unfeeling, help yourselves as much as you can with the arms of faith, with the arms of penance, with the arms of shame, with the arms of prayer! Act now to implore pardon and mercy for all the brutalities of the world!

Let Marian groups of pious souls, in a spirit of reparation, organize pilgrimages to the Sanctuaries of the Madonna, praying the Rosary together for God's mercy and pity. The Most Blessed Virgin, compassionate Mother, who sheds tears of blood over today's world, calls all Her children to penance and prayer.

Let these pilgrimages be made in a spirit of penance, and let the clothing of women be modest and simple, without vanity.

In former times, such pilgrimages were made barefoot, heads sprinkled with ashes and with rigorous fasting. Thus on certain sad occasions the justice of God was appeased.

If a plague were imminent, if an atomic bomb were about to explode - in such cases, oh! how we would pray with tears, how quickly we would hasten to the nearest sanctuaries, how quickly we would put aside the frivolities of life!

The time now is the hour of darkness. Therefore increase Marian pilgrimages to counteract the works of Satan and to prepare for the Triumph of the "Immaculate Heart of Mary".

In some parishes, recreational trips are organized. Why not think to organize sacred pilgrimages in a spirit of penance? Let us fear the chastisements of God. Let us give up some licit pleasures. Let us be like a family which, seeing one of its members dying, thinks only for prayers to save it.

I speak to you thus not to make you fear, but so that each one may regulate his own conduct to make the world better. If you do not listen, yours is the responsibility.
- Padre Pio
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