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A Place Within

Strengthen your faith by visiting the holy places where Jesus and Our Blessed Mother chose to give Their special messages, walking the sacred paths where your favorite saints lived to show their love for God, and where you too can find yourself when you visit that special place within you!

As specialists in faith-based travel, FIAT Holidays is here to assist you in fulfilling your heart's desire on your own spiritual journey. Join one of our many religious journeys, long or short, around the world to the churches, shrines and holy places of your faith. Our personalized service starts with our very first contact and continues long after you have returned from your spiritual journey with your faith renewed.

At FIAT Holidays, we're here for your first pilgrimage AND for your ongoing lifetime of pilgrimages and spiritual journeys, exploring your own sacred paths of faith toward "A Place Within"!

We serve all kinds: the VERY holy, the wholesome, and the wanna be holi-er than thou! Did you know that "Holidays" original meaning comes from "Holy day"? This word first appeared in the 14th century used as "a day on which no work is done." Experience the FIAT difference of personalized service, years of experience in faith-based travel and our unique knowledge of the churches, shrines and holy places throughout the world. Call us now...and begin your religious journeys.

FIAT - The Annunciation (Andrea della Robbia's masterpiece)

The scene is reduced to its essentials, everything is in SUSPENSE waiting for Mary's reply: the eyes and face of the Angel, the wings of the dove, the faces of the cherubs, and the figure of the Most High, all as it were aside waiting respectfully for the free decision of the Virgin. She is in that eternal moment between her confusion and her joyful abandonment to the will of God.

The Word is about to find his dwelling-place in her: her face is recollected, one hand is on the passage of Isaiah, "Behold, a virgin shall conceive... ", the other on her heart which is about to say YES. Her words, not yet uttered, are written on the base (FIAT mihi secundum verbum tuum), "You see before you the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me as you say".

Why is this my favorite portrayal of the Annunciation picture? To me, this artist has described and captured it the best of all the pictures I've seen.

Dear Friends: In this picture above that I'm sharing with you, I also share my faith.

1. Mary is portrayed as a young Jewish girl (at the age of 14 perhaps with her human body proportioned to her height) as a humble servant of the Lord ready and able to do whatever God wills. Similarly we too are amazed when God chooses us to do His will and often times not too quick to realize the task, (as the artist described it as the confusion), her example of willingness to surrender not knowing what lies beyond, but totally trusting in the Lord is an example that we should all learn to imitate.

2. The SUSPENSE: Have you ever realized that, when you ask a question that requires a YES or NO answer, that we are also in SUSPENSE, and our next move (or our whole life) depends on the reply of that person? And vice-versa, if we are asked a question that requires our YES or NO answer, that we determine the next move (or the entire life) of the person waiting for our answer.

Lastly, rest assured that, whether you're a past pilgrim or a new pilgrim with our company, you are always in my prayers and I invite you to listen to my pastor, Msgr. Joseph Brennan, as he sings "THE PRAYER".
- Mariza M. Gidaya

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