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A FIAT pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the Spring of 2012 was an experience filled with spirituality, introspection and fun too! Some of these pilgrims took the opportunity to renew their marriage vows in Cana, while one of our group, Jeanette Willkom Dunn Aragon, was so impressed by the Biblical lands and her fellow pilgrims, that she was inspired to write poems about her experience. Read Jeanette's moving poems and enjoy some pictures from this very special pilgrimage.
Our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Mariza our organizer, of FIAT Holidays
Calculative, concerned, demure, and friendly,
Yet, kept a distance to a degree,
Always on the ball, at the same time, cool!
Father Alvin our priest, at times tried to be funny,
easy going, but retracted easy to be holy.
What more can I say?

Our guide Dany, the energetic man of the day,
Gus in Jordan who can put you on the bus in a zippy
The encyclopedia of Israel and Jordan, as they say!
The drivers, whose names evade me
who drove with much care,
A ready smile and such vivacity
Despite the heat of the sun,
Zapped easy from the demands of everybody!
Disposition made them unique personality!

Pilgrims like cousin Nancy,
Cheerful as can be,
Her ready smile greets me in the morning-rise
and upon closing my eyes,
who tried to stay courageous and tireless
even if her eyes tells me "I need now my rest!."

Couples like Mark and Marilyn,
Undeniably cared for each other,
Kept surveillance to hubby ne'er to wander,
Flee in the midst of strangers.
Nonetheless, showed his hidden talent,
Acapella, the song: "Our Father"
which echoed a moment's silence,
To think deeply the meaning of our journey,
The intentions especially our life's devotion!
A true gentleman to us seasoned ladies!

Dodi, a man of amazing spirituality,
A vast knowledge of the scriptures
At times nags with empathy
Declares lovingly his views to wife, Aurie.
A pleasant, in-style, child-like ways
Her effortless, incessant appetite for her hobby
Wow, a bewitching affair with photography!
Thanks for capturing those memories
Where a picture tells a thousand words!
Such patience! Such passion!

Chit, whose umbrella, a sole companion,
shields the sunlight,
Preserving the skin-dewed of the night!
The lady-like walk, the nonchalant attitude
even with the heat of the day
as long as Carling, her hubby at her side
Carries obligingly and with much patience
Her paraphernalia's and things!
Devoid of complaint or whimpering
or even a sad face showing,
What a knight, a man with chivalrous ways!

The loner Eddie... who came alone,
Quiet as a fox, difficult to unbutton
what's in his mind, it is unknown!
Too serene, profound silence!
Behold, chuckles with the scene,
Or appreciates a joke or comment
From one of the groups or from Leny,
With a nice disposition, very smiling lady!
Constant here and there as a helping hand
Before you even know, she is around!

Diana, with friendly hubby, John,
Questions galore concerning our existence,
Refreshing, sharing, charming yet puzzling!
So much curiosity about our Lord, the Father!
Another sweet couple, who tagged along quietly
diligently, without any bother.
Collins and Debbie, a delight to know more,
who quietly joined the conversation
with a delightful remarks of what was then,
and what is now in their years of yore...

The young couple, Manny and Cindy,
Young couple and pretty,
Whose names at first lapsed for a second.
I thought they were on their honeymoon!
Notably hands constantly entwined
Walking dreamily following the path
journeyed by Our Lord,
Disregarding the hassles, the maddening crowd,
The sizzling heat of the sun, dazed
constantly gazing at each others' eyes...
Whose son, David, who was having a blast,
for his namesake as King David!
My angel, willing to extend both hands,
Spreads out his wings when needed
when the climbing is unconquerable to arrive!

The renewal of marriage in Cana,
the outburst of emotions
Displaying the splendid requited love
or is it downhearted, I wondered?
Not easy to discern or distinguish
for the water floods mixed with laughter.
Personally, the ceremony touched me deeply
The renewing of the marriage vows
Flashes across reminding of my own vow
before he was taken away!

Israel, I see the prosperity
The presence of a ghostly feel,
Gooseflesh existed every time I think of HIM.
Unusual to like a group met only once
Getting to know them like a long lost friend.
Who took off for a long time
Pilgrimage like this as cohesive but flexible
Yet adaptable, overwhelming but willing,
Unpretentious but prestigious, firm but lovable,
Incomprehensibly, a sense of ownership,
Strangers yet family
The moment we met just at the airport!
Such harmony! Such viva FIAT Holidays!

Jeanette Willkom Dunn Aragon
May 1st, 2012
Pilgrimage with FIAT 2012

My Travel of Life

Pilgrimage, a journey to a holy place
for religious or personal reason
nevertheless of the season
Or perhaps, for self-conviction or curiosity
Or even for family or religious affinity?
Knowledge gained from the Bible, theology taught in school
Unfitted to see the unthinkable.

Mind-boggling to set foot in the portal of Christianity!
The Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem heard in a story,
Transfiguration site, awe feeling of deflagration
Like sunburst in the sky!
Imagine God the Father speaking
To God the Son with Moses and Elijah!
Filled with bewilderment, I was thunder stricken,
Parables, miracles and various histories,
that our Lord made known to mankind,
Free of ambiguity, real, holy and Divine!

The visit to Israel opened my eyes
My inquisitive nature, it strengthened my faith
fully satisfied my curiosity.
The bluish water of the Sea of Galilee,
With a panoramic view of the country side,
the rolling waves, splashing softly to the shore
welcoming our arrival, made me reflect,
Visualizing St. Peter' boat with our Lord aboard.
The trance of tranquility overpowered me,
the ride rock me rehashing His boat ride.

How He love us that is unconditional
In the absence of anything in return
Other than to love Him back with all our heart!
Such minuscule request compared for
He made me, save me and died for me, my Redeemer!
I aggrieved for obvious reasons,
I feel the sorrow, the pain that pierced the heart
Intensely by the sight of Calvary.
The Blessed Mother's agony!

Our Lord kneeling in the garden of Gethsemane,
Terribly abashed me of my inequities...
I am befuddled to the very essence of my soul,
Help my ineptness in trying to understand
deeply my weaknesses, I pray my dear Jesus.
Beckon dear God to take control of my journey;
The crowning glory of my being, the throne of my life;
I am deeply troubled fathomed my comprehension!
Unexplained heartsick,
Beyond the meaning of eternal love!

Jeanette W. Dunn Aragon
FIAT Pilgrimage Group, April 2012

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